Bike Bendigo and Chancery Lane businesses are seeking submissions from artists to create a significant laneway artwork celebrating Bendigo’s cycling culture. The Artwork is part of Bike Bendigo’s La Trobe University Project, #BikeBendigoLTU, and will include installation of bicycle parking in the laneway which is short distance from the priority cycling route from the University’s Flora Hill campus to the city centre.

Bike Bendigo LTU project leader Jac Torres-Gomez said ‘we’re working with the university community to build on the vibrant cycling culture in Bendigo and to bring that into university life.’

‘Creative projects in collaboration with business and community are one of the many complimentary approaches Bike Bendigo makes use of to help people find their reason to start riding for everyday activities

‘We’ll be working with businesses from Chancery Lane to add some convenient bike parking, create incentives for people to ride and using the laneway as a meeting point for regular rides to build skills and confidence riding in a supportive, social environment.’ Said Ms Torres-Gomez

Robe business owner Fi Rooke said ‘a project such as this compliments the Chancery Lane culture. We approached Bike Bendigo to consider collaborating with us to deliver bike parking in our lane way. Creative initiatives such as this bring together artistic expression and practicality in a conversational manner. As cities grow up, and not out, public space is at a premium. Free bike parking will encourage more people to ride in, park their bike securely and enjoy our CBD.’

Bike Bendigo is seeking proposals for contemporary and vibrant works that celebrate everyday cycling, interested artists can request a copy by emailing, or calling Bike Bendigo Treasurer Robert Kretschmer (0402233358),  submissions close on Tuesday 2 May.

Transport for Victoria through the Transport Investing in Regions program has funded Bike Bendigo to work with the La Trobe University community on this project to encourage the university community to ride between the campus and the city centre. The project is also being supported by the City of Greater Bendigo Capital Venue and Events.

For more information contact

Robert Kretschmer
Treasurer, Bike Bendigo
Phone: 0402233358